Saturday, November 20, 2010

Twice As Nice;)

Share the Holiday Cheer!
Now until November 21 Starbucks is giving you an extra cup of your favorite drink FREE!
Between the hours of 2p-5p.
Thanks Starbucks!;)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mixed Chicks


Have you been searching for a shampoo or condition that is just right for your Natural, Curly, Frizzy, or dry hair? This product has gotten major reviews from all races and backgrounds. Although at first thought, the name Mixed Chicks might leave you thinking that this product is only for bi-racial textured hair. Don't let the name fool you, Mixed Chicks is for anyone with unmanageable curlz.

The reasonably priced system consists of shampoo, deep conditioner, and a leave-in. One review says: I have to admit, I am especially partial to this leave-in conditioner because it left my hair soft, manageable, and light. When used on dry hair, it instantly rejuvenated my curls and tamed my frizz allowing me to wear my hair down a few extra days. I also liked the shampoo and deep conditioner. The only downside to the shampoo is that it made my hair feel like it was stripping all of the oil out of it. But once I put the deep conditioner in, it softened beautifully. My curls loved it! The best part its alcohol free.

Chicks try it. With over 3,000 fans on Facebook there's got to be something behind the product. This is surely going on my "to-get" list! Happy Hair Makes a Happy You!

Fall into COLOR!

Is nail polish the new lipstick? I think so. How better to accessorize the season’s velvet, camel, utility chic, and rock ’n’ roll looks? Where last year was dominated by pale, pavement-colored tones, this winter has us loving a wide range of uncommonly rich statement shades, from lustrous metallics in graphite and burnished bronze to smoky purples and steely blues. And while it may have once seemed wild and crazy to consider color—You Should try something new! Chanel, Nars’, OPI have a hawt line this fall. Enjoy a pop of color and give those neutral tones a rest!

Oh NO! Not Kendra & Hank....

Kendra Wilkinson's life has been turned upside down ever since husband Hank Baskett was dropped by the Philadelphia Eagles and signed to the Minnesota Vikings. Now, Kendra sits down with Life & Style, to discuss her heart breaking decision to take son, 11-month-old Hank, back to LA--alone.

"Not having Hank around hurts," Kendra tells Life & Style. "Moving across the country by myself makes me think of my own mom who raised me and my brother alone. Hank's not going to be there forever, but with him not physically here, I'm a single parent now."

With Hank so far away, Kendra felt most at home on the West Coast. "I fit in well in Philly, and I could relate to all the people, but the West Coast is my home. This is where all my family and friends are."

Hank's decision to sign with the Minnesota Vikings -- and spend time away from his family-- resulted in a screaming match with his exasperated wife. "It hurt a lot," Kendra tells Life & Style. "When Hank left I felt lonely. He's my everything. Nobody else can really fill that loneliness." She admits there's been a lot of tears throughout this time. "We cry. It's hard, and we aren't ashamed to cry."

But thanks to her family and Hank's, she has a big support system to turn to for help. Still, there's no substitute for being together with her husband. "I'm going to go back to the minus-2-degree weather to spend Thanksgiving, baby Hank's 1st birthday and Christmas in a small one bedroom hotel room with my husband and son. That's all that matters to me."

-Life & Style Mag

Phaedra on "Why I married an Ex-Con"...

The Real Housewives of Atlanta's Phaedra Parks is firing back after her co-stars slammed her for marrying an ex-convict.

"It's easy to criticize when you don't know someone," Phaedra tells Life & Style. "He's my soul mate." The successful lawyer married Apollo Nida on Nov. 1, 2009, six months after he was released from jail -- he served almost five years for racketeering. "I know his character," says Phaedra about the man she's known since 1995.

"I knew he truly loved me for who I was and not for anything else. I respect him for the person I know he is -- and not for who the judge thought he was." The pair welcomed their first child, a son, over the summer. His birth will air during this season of RHWATL.

Phaedra is still somethin' else. Just over the top Ghetto. Yea yea yea, she wants to be classy with it but it comes off as Ghetto classy (with a lowercase c in classy). She's just not "Crisp" Enough to be labeled as Classy. Sorry Phaedra. But that Southern Belle thing is not you darling.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Tia & Tamera's City Guide

Actresses Tia and Tamera Mowry are all grown up, but they're still as sprightly as their TV characters from the classic sitcom, "Sister, Sister." By now the twins are the quintessential LA girls, so who better to guide us through their city.

Tia prefers her low-key San Fernando Valley neighborhood, while Tamera lives in less subdued West Los Angeles where all the action (and paparazzi) is. Find out what what these two would have us do were we to visit their city.

Best for breakfast and lunch
Tamera: My sister and I go to Clementine when we want to catch up. They have great organic homemade food and an in-house bakery. Their lemon meringue pie is amazing. I love their chicken pesto salad.

Tia: Lots of celebrities hang out at Hugo's Restaurant . We've run into Robert Downey, Jr., Keenan "Ivory" Wayans and Matthew Perry and they're usually without an entourage. Hugo's makes very tasty organic food and we love that you can eat on the patio.

Nailing the Mani/Pedi
Tia: I get my nails done at Mailan Nail Salon in Studio City. They give you a massage the whole time they're doing your manicure or pedicure. Not a lot of people go there so I enjoy the privacy. I have run into Kimora Lee-Simmons in there.

Tamera: I love The Paint Shop in Beverly Hills because, first of all, it's Black-owned, and it's amazing. The owner, Julie, serves you a glass of wine, champagne, or a martini while you're getting manicure or pedicure done.

Best beauty break
Tia: There are suddenly all these places where you can get a Thai massage in the Valley. They're amazing. What happens is you're laying down on the ground and these women put you into yoga poses while giving you a massage. You can choose to get deep tissue or relaxation massage, all for $45! I love it.

Hair story
Tamera: I love organic products because I don't like to use a lot of product in my hair. I go to Umberto when I want to feel more natural because they believe in the health of your hair so instead of blow-drying, hot combing or pressing, you sit under the dryer or you roller set your hair. I also go to Nikki Wright Salon when I want to vamp up my style and be different like putting some extensions in my hair or coloring it.

Boutique smart
Tia: I'm really more of a boutique girl more than a mall. I love Belle Gray boutique, which is owned by actress Lisa Rinna because it's a one-stop shop for style. They have everything from jewelry to scarves and purses.

Tamera: I describe my style as bohemian chic, so I go to a place called Elli in the Century City mall. Halle Berry shops there as well. It's where I get my ballet flats and gladiator sandals. They have a great selection for girls who, like Halle, like to be comfortable in their everyday life.

Cocktails in the city
Tamera: When you and the girls are going to get a cocktail you want the place to be relaxing and inviting and private. Culina, a restaurant inside the Four Seasons Hotel, is just that. It's modern Italian and they serve great cocktails as well.

Dance the night away
Tamera: My sister and I went through this phase where we just wanted to dance, dance, dance. For that we go to Drais inside the W Hotel because it's where you go if you want to have "the experience" and see a celebrity or two. For a different ambience "V" Lounge is where you go if you just want to feel like you're in your best friend's backyard getting down.

Tame It Down

Summer may be winding down, but humidity is turned all the way up--which is a nightmare for hair. Whether you rock a curly natural (a 'la Solange) or a sleek blowout, frizz and flyaways just aren't cute especially when you weren't going for extra volume. Tame your strands with Ouidad's Climate Control Gel, a product that shields hair from humidity, leaving strands smooth, defined and controlled. To use, simply apply a dime-size amount to towel-dried hair, and style.

Ouidad's Climate Control, $22, available at